About Us

ceilingsky was established in 2001 and since that time has been providing reliable, affordable web hosting to a wide range of individuals and businesses. We are a large enough company to provide our clients with top notch technology, but small enough to offer dependable, friendly customer service and technical support.

Our Servers

Every server in our data center is built with premium hardware to ensure that our customers experience reliable, top-notch performance. Our severs run Linux and customers have access to Perl, PHP, MySQL and the cPanel control panel for easy account management.

Our Data Center

The performance of all websites is dependent on two factors: connection speed and stability. As a ceilingsky customer, you can rest easy knowing that your site is hosted on a quality server located in a state-of-the-art facility. Data center features include:

Tier-1 Premium Bandwidth – Direct connectivity with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Savvis and Level3 ensures minimal latency and fast connections to all points of the global internet.

On-Site Security – Electronic security systems limit data center access to technical staff. The center is equipped with motion detecting security cameras and the external walls are reinforced poured concrete.

Power System – The data center is protected by one or more Uninteruptable Power Supplies (UPS). Redundant battery cabinets and full maintenance bypass cabinets mean servers can be upgraded and serviced with no interruption of power. Multiple emergency generators are waiting on standby to take over from the UPS in the event of a power outage.

Cooling – Temperature and humidity at the data center are carefully regulated to ensure that equipment operates optimally. In addition, air filtration systems cycle the entire data center air supply in a matter of minutes, removing foreign particles from circulation.